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Recommendations By Age

Supplements for 51-70 Year-old Males

  • MULTIGENICS WITHOUT IRON (Multiple vitamin)
    If poor diet, start with one month at two tabs with breakfast, and two with dinner.  After a month, one twice daily.

    • If decent diet, just one twice daily.
  • DHA or DHA/EPA
    DHA is for brain function, Calming, anti-anxiety, better quality sleep.  EPA for heart protection.  Also anti-inflammatory. Two capsules in am.
    Remains in cells much better than  regular vitamin C. Prevents colds, protects lungs. Antioxidant, antiviral.  One tablet before main meal, and three per day if a cold develops.
    Folic acid- B complex which is helpful in stressed individuals, that lowers homocysteine and prevents heart disease. One or two tablets daily
  • VESSELCARE (stronger than Glycogenics)
    High dose folic acid and B-complex, along with trimethylglycine all lower homocysteine and protect the heart.  Stronger than Glycogenics.  When homocysteine is normal, change to glycogenics. Note the unpleasant smell. One tablet in the am.
  • VITAMIN D 1000IU
    We do not get enough sunlight to convert precursors in the skin into Vitamin D. This may increase the risk of prostate cancer, hypertension, and autoimmune disease.
  • COENZYME Q10 100mg.
    Natural substance suppressed by statins, used to improve heart function. Powerful antioxidant important in brain, muscle, immune, breast, and periodontal health.  One tablet daily.
    Increases sperm count. Protects against prostate cancer.  One tablet in am.


    Mushroom extract drops that locally boost the immune response in the throat (better than zinc lozenges). Must be used at first sign of sore throat. Squirt a dropper every hour for a few hours, then four times daily until cold remits. Must be used within an hour of onset of sore throat for any effect!  Carry it with you, it will last for years.
    For people who do not eat breakfast , this easy to prepare protein shake comes in 8 flavors and is used to control weight, lower lipids, and it provides a multivitamin.  A second drink can be used before dinner to fill you enough that you do not overeat for dinner.  160 calories. Considered a medical meal. Banana, chocolate, vanilla, mocha actually are good. Mix 2 scoops in a blender with ice.  Takes 30 seconds to make. Also comes as protein bar.
    Green tea extract, lycopene, limonene, and curcumin. Four extracts that protect the DNA as antioxidants, and detoxifiers of carcinogens that protect against prostate, colon, and lung cancers. One tablet twice daily.
    Preventative and therapeutic for cartilage.  Treats pain and prevents damage of cartilage.  Good for runners. 1 or 2 tablets twice daily between meals.
    Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate. Stronger preparation for joint pain and protection.  2 tablets three times daily.
    Calms the GI tract.  Good for heartburn, acid, cramps. One teaspoon 3 times daily
    Natural ‘good bacteria’. Use with antibiotics to prevent or treat antibiotic-induced diarrhea. Also good with irritable bowel syndrome. Two tabs four times daily for two days, then two tablets per day.
    For allergies and lung function. One tablet twice daily.
    For muscle pain. Muscle relaxant. Mildly sedating. Two tablets up to three times daily.
    Soluble and insoluble fibre. For constipation.  Lowers cholesterol. One scoop with water in am.
    Digestive enzymes for milk, vegetables, carbs, fats, and proteins. For prevention of gas and bloating.  One tablet before a significant meal.
    Supports memory, alertness, and mental sharpness.  One tablet two to three times daily between meals.
    Absorbable magnesium involved in treating muscle cramps, migraines, and irregular heartbeats.  Two tablets twice daily.
    Saw palmetto and nettles to shrink the prostate and ease urination.  One tablet twice daily.
    Alpha lipoic acid, 200mg.  Powerful antioxidant which is water and lipid soluble. Helps glucose transport, peripheral nerve function.  Provides antioxidant activity in both aqueous and fatty regions of the cell, crosses the blood brain barrier, extends the functional capacities of vitamins C and E and coenzyme Q10, promotes accelerated glutathione synthesis, and directly scavenges free radicals. Two tablets one to three times daily.
    Soy concentrate that supplies a full spectrum of isoflavones, including genistin and daidzin, plus other healthful compounds naturally found in soybeans and soy foods.  Supports healthy breast, colon, and prostate tissue. Promotes healthy hormone balance, blood lipid levels, and bone density. Just one tablet provides 45 mg of isoflavones—the daily amount associated with the health benefits of a traditional Asian diet. One tablet per day.
    Supports optimal male vitality and stamina.  Herbs including extracts of mucuna, ashwagandha, shatavari, and tribulus.  One to three tablets daily.
    Natural formula that supports optimal physical performance and sexual vitality.  Three tablets per day.
    30 mg. Ginkgo, acetyl l-carnitine, n-acetylcysteine plus B vitamins. Supports healthy brain function, memory and protects against oxidative brain damage.  One tablet twice daily.
    Testosterone and male menopause are subjects of great discussion.  Should men get androgen supplements as testosterone levels decline? Realize the problems and parallels in women.
  • ANTI-AGING ?????????
    The therapeutic value of DHEA is being applied to the preventative measures and treatment for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, immune disorders and chronic fatigue. The hormone is also being explored for potential benefits in the aging process. Hormone, alpha–lipoic acid andacetyl carnitine prevent oxidative decay in the mitochondria. Scientists long ago discovered that acetyl-L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 help protect against cellular energy deficits by maintaining healthy mitochondrial function.  Carnosine prevents protein cross-linking and AGE formation.Carnosine and benfotiamine appear to be the most effective nutrients to reduce glucose-induced cellular damage. Melatonin seems to hold the secret to the aging clock. Crossing the blood-brain barrier efficiently, melatonin releases itself into the system, reaching its peak at night (promoting sleep) and seemingly works with growth hormones and other agents that help maintain our tissues in a state of health.

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